Secretarial Office




  1. Compilation of documents, file, legal, research and examinations, seals, management of proceedings, responses to City Council’s inquiries, important programs and administrative plans, and matters not belonging to other units. 
  2. Cashier, property management, office building, dormitory, support workers, official vehicle management, labor and health insurances and labor pension, fire service system and rank management. 
  3. Procurement, office building renovation and civil works.

Accounting Office




  1. Annual accounting: budgeting, budget increase and decrease, budget allocation, and preparation of secondary reserve funds. 
  2. Accounting: preparation of monthly accounting reports, semi-annual balancing, final accounts, and annual revenue and expenditure budget retention; auditing unit surveys and reconciliation; preparation of approval and vouchers for review and approval of unit budgets, agency funds and collections, custody funds, and various subsidy coordinating subjects; accounting system and accounting and personnel business. 
  3. Statistics: official business statistics.

Personnel Office




  1. Organizational matters. 
  2. Appointment, dismissal, promotion and reassignment. 
  3. Assessment of merit cases, attendance management, training and advanced studies, security services, and employee assistance programs. 
  4. Payroll and welfare, retirement pension, civil servant insurance and national health insurance, recreational activities, and personnel data management.

Ethics Office

(03)3379119#363 or (03)3318531



  1. Promotion of clean government and social participation. 
  2. Development, promotion and implementation of anti-corruption laws and preventive measures. 
  3. Development, coordination and promotion of clean government reformation proposals. 
  4. Property declaration, avoidance of conflicts of interest and integrity and ethics of civil servants. 
  5. Corruption and illegal matters related to the agency. 
  6. Investigation of businesses with corruption risks. 
  7. Handling and coordinating official confidentiality.  
  8. Handling and coordination of agency security maintenance. 
  9. Other ethics-related matters.

1st disaster rescue squadron





In charge of disaster prevention propaganda, fire safety inspection, disaster rescue, and emergency rescue within the jurisdiction.