Website Security Policy

For the security of website and to ensure that it continues to serve all online users, the following security measures are provided:
  • A hacking detection system is established to block all obviously malicious attacks and monitor online traffic in order to identify unauthorized uploads or changes of web page information or sabotage. 
  • A firewall is installed to block illegal intrusions, sabotage or information theft, and prevent illegal website use from compromising the interests of users. 
  • An anti-virus program is provided to scan viruses regularly and virus codes updated to provide users with a safer web browsing environment. 
  • System recovery procedure is performed regularly as exercise in the event of website security policy incidents, providing appropriate levels of security defense. 
  • Backup operations are performed daily with all data backed up to storage media as well as at a different location.
  • All security maintenance e-mail notifications are received from operating system manufacturers or the Information and Communication Security Association's technical service center, and security patches installed according to the e-mails’ recommendations.
Self-protection measures
  • Please keep your password and/or any personal information to yourself, and do not provide any personal information, especially your password, to anyone. Be sure to log out after you are done with, for example, online application, access to emails, management area function maintenance. If you share your computer with others or use a public computer, remember to close the browser window to prevent others from reading your personal data, letters or accessing the management area of the institution you belong to.
Changes to website security policy
  • Due to the rapid development of science and technology, the Department will modify the security policy provided on the website as necessary for the protection of your online security before the relevant laws and regulations are established, and because of any unforeseeable environmental changes.
The following is the Department’s website security policy:
  1. The website security policy is the responsibility shared among all employees of the Department. Employees of all levels shall fully understand and perform their duties.
  2. For the security of the overall information assets, the goals and awareness of the website security policy and establishment of action guidelines shall take into account:
    1. Website security policy and accident management.
    2. Organization of website security policy.
    3. Human resource security. 
    4. Asset management.
    5.  Access control.
    6. Cryptography.
    7. Physical and environmental security.
    8. Operational security. 
    9. Information and communication security.
    10. Information system acquisition, development and maintenance.
Consultation on website security policy
  • You are more than welcomed to contact us for any doubt or concern about the security policy of this website.