The Department is headed by the Director-General and consists of 2 deputy directors-general, a chief secretary, a senior executive office, 2 senior engineers, 8 sections, 5 offices, a center, 4 disaster rescue squadrons, a special search squadron, 40 brigades, and 4 search and rescue brigades.

Deputy Commissioner Deputy Commissioner
Chief Secretary
Senior Specialist Senior Specialist
Senior engineer Senior engineer
Duties of Fire Prevention Section Dangerous Goods Management Section Disaster Rescue Section Disaster Management Section Emergency Ambulance Department Education and Training Section Fire Investigation Section Civil Power Utilization Section
Disaster Relief and Rescue Command Center Inspector's Office Secretarial Office Accounting Office Personnel Office Ethics Office
1st disaster rescue squadron Taoyuan brigades Zhonglu brigades Dalin brigades Bade brigades Dayan brigades Jiadong brigades Guishan brigades Pingding brigades Huilong brigades Sanmin brigades Dayou brigades
2nd disaster rescue squadron Zhongli brigades Xingguo brigades Huaxun brigades Neili brigades Longgang brigades Qingpu brigades Yangmei brigades Puxin brigades Youshi brigades Fugang brigades Xinwu brigades Yongan brigades
3rd disaster rescue squadron Luzhu brigades Shanjiao brigades Dazhu brigades Dayuan brigades Zhuwei brigades Guanyin brigades Xinpo brigades Caota brigades
4th disaster rescue squadron Zunding brigades Daxi brigades Pingzhen brigades Fudan brigades Shanfeng brigades Longtan brigades Gaoping brigades Fuxing brigades Baling brigades
Search and Rescue brigades 1st Search and Rescue brigades 2nd Search and Rescue brigades 3rd Search and Rescue brigades 4th Search and Rescue brigades