Duties of Fire Prevention Section




  1. Fire safety inspection (including high-rise building management, fire safety management system, and departmental business evaluation), management of firefighting technicians and safety inspection taskforce (including training). 
  2. Repair declaration (including online declaration, adjudication and appeals of violation cases) and other related businesses. 
  3. Fire prevention education and promotion and other related business matters. 
  4. Fire prevention management (including fire protection plan, self-defense fire grouping, grouping verification, etc.) related business. 
  5. Businesses related to the flame prevention system. 
  6. Application for fire safety equipment inspection certificate. 
  7. Application for fire protection permit for business and commercial registration. 
  8. Joint inspection and control. 
  9. Subsidies for setting up residential fire alarms and other related businesses. 
  10. Application for access to fire safety equipment drawings. 
  11. Businesses related to the enforcement of fines and adjudication (including application for extension of illegal cases and expression of opinions). 
  12. Fire safety equipment drawing review and as-built inspection.

Dangerous Goods Management Section




  1. Planning, execution, and consultation of public dangerous goods (site survey and drawing review, joint inspection, improvement review of existing legal sites, review of disaster prevention plans, etc.). 
  2. Planning, execution, and consultation of firecrackers and pyrotechnics management (review of application for professional pyrotechnics, etc.). 
  3. Planning, execution, consultation and promotion of liquefied petroleum gas (including storage certificates). 
  4. Promotion of carbon monoxide poisoning prevention, subsidies and management of gas water heater contracting business. 
  5. Planning, execution, and consultation of dangerous goods reporting and adjudication.

Disaster Rescue Section




  1.  Preparation for fire rescue services and operations. 
  2. Planning for special disaster rescue services and operations (including special disaster rescue, such as earthquakes (including search and rescue dogs)). 
  3. Water sourcing for firefighting and disaster relief. 
  4. Business related to firefighting access. 
  5. Procurement, donation, maintenance, maintenance, cleaning, testing, distribution and management of personal and group equipment at the disaster site. 
  6. Planning and handling firefighting vehicle procurement, donation, maintenance, maintenance and management and other related businesses. 
  7. Other temporary assignments.

Disaster Management Section




  1. Development and promotion of disaster prevention and rescue system and related policies. 
  2. Establishment and coordination of disaster response center for typhoons, earthquakes, major fires and explosions. 
  3. Promotion of disaster prevention education. 
  4. System planning and management of disaster prevention and relief resources database. 
  5. Implementation and promotion of the resolutions made in the Municipal Disaster Prevention and Rescue Association Report.

Emergency Medical Service Section




  1. Planning and implementation of Emergency medical service.  
  2. Technical training, planning and implementation for Emergency medical technician. 
  3. Supervision and assessment of Emergency medical service.
  4. Statistical analysis of the results of Emergency medical services.
  5. Assist, plan and implement rescue for Mass casualty incident.
  6. Communication with medical institutions
  7. Promotion of volunteer's EMS Training.
  8. Management and procurement (including donation) of ambulances, equipment, and consumables.