• The Cultural Affairs Bureau Administration collects the personal data of users in accordance with the ‥Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law〃 of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Userˇs personal data will not be collected via the computer without the prior consent of the user.
  • User's IP addresses and web pages browsed by them are automatically recorded on the web server of the Cultural Affairs Bureau Administration. This information will be used for the improvement of the content and system and as a basis for evaluation of the policy promotion result. The information is only used for statistical analysis and irrelevant to userˇs identification data.
  • A cookie (a small markup text file) will be implanted in your computer when you browse the Cultural Affairs Bureau Administration website. This cookie does not contain data that can identify your personal data. It only records your personal service data that you set up on our website. The Cultural Affairs Bureau Administration web server can only read from the cookie your activity records on our website without retrieving your data recorded on other websites.
  • This privacy statement is in effect now. The Cultural Affairs Bureau Administration is entitled to revise this statement from time to time in response to the change of the social environment, amendment of laws, and the development of technologies. The new privacy statement, if any, will be announced immediately to ensure the protection of the userˇs privacy.