Education and Training Section




  1. Planning and implementation of pre-job training, rescue, tactical physical fitness, diving, whitewater rescue, rope and vehicle driving training for firefighters. 
  2. Editing, purchasing and publishing management of annual reports and quarterly journals of the Department. 
  3. Phoenix Award/Fire Model selection. 
  4. Selection and training of players in the National Fire Fighting Competition. 
  5. Operation and management of disaster prevention education center. 
  6. Recruitment, training and management of guides in the Disaster Prevention Education Center. 
  7. Maintenance, update and rental management of facilities and equipment of the training center and Disaster Prevention Education Center. 
  8. Website and social media maintenance and management for the Disaster Prevention Education Center.

Fire Investigation Section




  1. Fire scene survey and investigation. 
  2. Production, delivery and management of fire investigation report. 
  3. Basic training, planning and supervision of forensic personnel for fire investigation. 
  4. Identification of fire evidence. 
  5. Statistical analysis of fire and arson data. 
  6. Issuance of fire certificates and fire investigation data (extensions 327 and 374). 
  7. Collection, production and compilation of fire cases.

Civil Power Utilization Section




  1. Group life insurance and accident insurance for volunteer firefighters and disaster prevention organization. 
  2. Preparation for parade, inspections, and drills of the squadrons, brigades and stations of volunteer firefighters and disaster prevention organizations. 
  3. Arrangement for business visits and activities of volunteer firefighters. 
  4. Enrichment and replacement of uniforms and duty clothing of volunteer firefighters. 
  5. Recognition of those with merits in disaster relief or those with outstanding performance in form of medals. 
  6. Purchase of New Year’s gifts for volunteer firefighters. 
  7. Training, rewarding, commendation and recognition of volunteer firefighters. 
  8. Enrichment and replacement of volunteer firefighters’ equipment for rescue, promotion, and mountain and water rescue. 
  9. Welfare and mutual assistance expenses related to the volunteer firefighter corps, squadrons, brigades and stations. 
  10. Enrichment and replacement of clothing and equipment for disaster prevention and rescue organizations. 
  11. Operation expenses of the volunteer firefighter corps, squadrons, brigades and stations. 
  12. Implementation of the Ministry of the Interior's subsidy for the medium-term strengthening plan for disaster prevention and rescue volunteers in disaster relief and cooperation. 
  13. Compensation payments and other payments for injuries, disability or death caused to volunteer firefighters and other non-governmental rescue volunteer workers performing disaster prevention and rescue operations services. 
  14. Arrangement for volunteer firefighters’ skills competitions and disaster relief ability assessments. 
  15. Arrangement for Volunteer Firefighter Phoenix Award, volunteer elites, role models and outstanding volunteer reporting.

Disaster Relief and Rescue Command Center




  1.  Planning, command, dispatch, supervision and assessment of disaster relief and rescue. 
  2. Statistical analysis of the results of disaster relief services. 
  3. Capital and communication business handling. 
  4. Public relations of the Department.

Inspector's Office




  1. Investigation of public complaints. 
  2. Investigation and prevention of disciplinary cases. 
  3. Investigation of internal complaints. 
  4. Planning, management and assessment of attendance supervision. 
  5. Recognition of employees for excellent performance. 
  6. Basic-level worker meetings and departmental affairs report. 
  7. Report of merits / demerits. 
  8. Management of Taoyuan City Firefighters Safety Fund. 
  9. Visits to those who are injured on duty and assistance in application for compensations. 
  10. Health check subsidies for firefighters. 
  11. Project service planning and supervision. 
  12. Other matters related to supervision.