Fire staff

“Army of ants” Squadron staff.
Does it ever occur to you just how many people are needed to keep the fire under control very quickly when there is a fire?
In addition to those who fight the fire up front, there is an army of ants that are doing their parts quietly.
They collect the fire scene information, coordinate incoming resources, and provide information for fire scene commander to make vital decisions.
These unsound heroes are the squadron staff.
Let me show you who these ants are.
The performance of staff in terms of division of works can be improved by scenario simulations organized periodically for the squadron staff.
Vests of different color indicate different tasks to perform.
 Safety staff: monitors possible dangers at the scene, perform security control at the scene and point out risks to the commander.
Intelligence staff: collects information (of, for example, people trapped in fire, dangerous material storage, building, etc.) and releases information to news media.
Water supply staff: estimates water supply available near the fire scene, and takes charge of logistics and supply of firefighting equipment, supplies and other necessary items.
Messenger staff: relays fire scene orders and information between “fire scene commander and firefighters in the scene,” and between “command center and other supporting units.”
#Army of ants
#Work together to get the job done
#Solute to the silent heroes.