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  This Website is produced in non-hindered web page design. Use fast key in the website will enable convenient viewing. The page layout is made into 4 main blocks: Main menu is at the upper area,Main menu area located at the left side, sub-menu area located at the right side,content display area at the middle part.
The accesskey (fast key) of this website are set as the following:
Alt+U: Main menu area at the upper part.
  [ Director ]、[ About ]、[ Link ]、[ Bilingual ]
Alt+L: Main Menu linking area at the left side.
  [ News ]、[ Civilian ]
Alt+R: Sub-Menu linking area at the right side.
Alt+C: Main content area in the middle part displays main content of web pages.
Alt+S: Search.

01 Director
02 About Us
02-1 Our Department
03 Link
03-1 Domestic
03-2 overseas
03-3 Kiosk
04 Bilingual glossary
04-1 Bilingual glossary
05 News
05-1 News
06 Civilian Coordination
06-1 The Volunteer Fire Department
06-2 The Women's Fire Safety Campaign Group
Data: 96.09.12
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