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The Women's Fire Safety Campaign Group

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The Women's Fire Safety Campaign Group
To meet the needs of the “Residential Fire Prevention Measures” and “Women Disaster Prevention Promotion Brigade” plans developed by National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior, the Department established the “Women Disaster Prevention Promotion Brigade” in GueiShan Village on March 12th 1999 for residential fire prevention. Then the other women disaster prevention promotion brigades were established in other places, such as Jungli, Yangmei, Dasi, Pingjen, Taoyuan, Luchu, Bade, and Dayuan. As of 2004, the Department has established 12 women disaster prevention promotion brigades with 273 members.

“To do a good job, one must first sharpen one's tools.” For effective promotion of the control prevention and control policy, each member should attend the basic training by the instructor teams at least for 24hous, before certified as qualified promoter. These interactive trainings are divided into two parts – academic and technical trainings. The academic trainings are held in the auditorium or classroom while the technical ones are held in the school playground or open field. The courses aim at providing the safety concepts of use of electricity, fire, gases, fire apparatus and rescue equipment, firefighting techniques, rescue techniques, and basic first aid knowledge. In additional, these concepts and techniques will be practiced outdoors.
Data: 2014-12-10
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