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Civil Service Ethics

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Reporting channels
*Reporting channels
Content : •You can report to the Governmental Ethics Office or reflect specific facts when the following things happen. We will offer assistance for you as soon as possible:
◆Any of the Department staff is involved in the corruption scandal.
◆Any of the Department staff accepts the gift or receptions provided by companies or citizens.
◆The procurement cases of the Department is involved in bidding collusion or bid rigging or the tendering specifications are improper.
◆Any of the procurement cases of the Department is involved in improper verification or quotation, or the quantities procured are not matched.
◆Any of the Department staff is involved in the disclosure case.
◆Any of administrative processes of the Department is inefficient or inconvenient, or may be vulnerable to corruption and malfeasance.
◆Other suggestions for improvement.

Now, reporting corruption and malfeasance the public servant can be easily done by one call. The reporter’s information will be maintained in secrecy. Rewards will be granted if the defendant you informed of is found guilty according to the subsidiary regulation! To report the corruption or malfeasance scandals, please call
Mail address: No. 16, Wenjung N. Rd., Taoyuan District(Governmental Ethics Office)
Tel.: 886-3-3318531
Tel. - Ministry of Justice: 886-2-23167586
E-mail address: check@mail.tyfd.gov.tw
The details of rewards granted for reporting corruption cases are listed on the Attachment.
Date: 2014-12-10
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Reporting channels
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