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Content : 『Governmental Ethics Office』
The departments and offices of the Governmental ethics under the Department of Government Ethics, Ministry of Justice, are responsible for matters concerned with pleading, petition, and corruption reporting.

•Main responsibilities of the civil services ethics organization:
1. Matters concerned with preventing or discovering corruption of staff of the organization.
2. Matters concerned with handling as well as reporting corruption and malfeasance of staff of the organization.
3. Matters concerned with suggestions for evaluating, rewarding and disciplining staff of the organization that have administrative responsibility.
4. Matters concerned with protection of official confidential information of the organization, implementation of protection measures for these information, and dealing with cases of releasing the information.
5. Matters concerned with maintenance of the organization facilities and provision of assistance for the pleading and petition cases.
6. Matters concerned with property declaration by public servants.
7. Matters concerned with praising good examples of government employee ethics.
8. Matters assigned by head of other organizations or civil services ethics organization at higher level, which are concerned with civil services ethics.

Prevention & Education

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