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Senior Specialist

An-ping Zheng
Director-general An-ping Zheng
Capacity : Senior Specialist
Academic Background since College : Bachelor of Fire Department, Central Police University.
Master of Fire Science, Central Police University.
Qualifications : Pass the Training of Police Officer Promotion for Major-to-Director grade in 2014.
Passed Grade B of Special Examination for Police Officer in 1991.
Work experience : 2018 Senior Specialist, Taoyuan Fire Department.
2015 Senior Technical Specialist, Taoyuan Fire Department.
2013 Captain of first fire brigade, Taoyuan Fire Department
2004 Captain of fourth fire brigade, Taoyuan County Government Fire Bureau.
2002 Chief of Disaster Rescue Section & Disaster Management Section, Taoyuan County Government Fire Bureau.
1999 Chief of Administration Section, Taoyuan County Government Fire Bureau.
1997 Officer, National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior
1991 Technician & Officer, Central Police University.
Data: 2018-10-16
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