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Personnel Office
Personnel Office
Unit : Personnel Office
Name : Luo Jin-rong
title : Chief
Tel : 886-3-3379119#340
Add : No. 280, Loxing Rd., Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City
web :
e-mail :
business : We deals with the personal works in our city's fire control organizations. Our works include appointment and remove, award and punishment assessment, treatment and welfare, retirement and compensation. The work of our Personnel section includes:
(A) Drawing out the related Personnel regulations.
(B) The Personnel Section checks on work attendance and making preparations for the trainings.
(C) The Personnel Section prepares examinations for our personals.
(D) The Personnel Section Programs for our staff' s welfare and signing the compensations.
(E) The Personnel Section deals with the appointment and remove, awards and punishment of our staff. Other personal registration works.
(F) Signing the salary levels with our staffs.
(G) According to the correlating laws, the Personnel Section suggests an examination when any personal is needed by the department.
(H) The Personnel Section gives advice and improves the personal management of our department.
(I) The Personnel Section checks and handles with related personal cases according to the law.
(J) The Personnel Section collects the statistics of the personal investigation.
Data: 2015-09-25
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