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1. Fire Prevention Division: planning and execution of fire safety equipment inspections, and cases of violations of fire protection laws
management, management of inspection reports, enforcement of flame protection regulations, enforcement of fire protection management systems, etc.
2. Department of Dangerous Goods Management: Management of Public Dangerous Goods, Management of Combustible High-Pressure Gas, Firecracker Smoke
Fire management, gas water heater contractor management and prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning, reporting of dangerous goods
Arbitration and other business planning, implementation, consultation and other matters.
3. Disaster Rescue Section: Cooperative rescue of fires and other disasters, utilization and management of disaster relief resources, firefighting
Water source preparation and management, disaster relief vehicles, equipment, equipment maintenance and maintenance, etc.
4. Disaster Management Section: planning and promotion of disaster prevention and rescue system and related policies, typhoon, earthquake,
Establishment and coordination of disaster response centers such as major fires and explosions, promotion of various disaster prevention education,
The planning and management of the disaster prevention and relief resource database system and the implementation of the resolutions reported by the Municipal Disaster Prevention and Rescue Association
actions and pushes.
5. Emergency Ambulance Department: emergency rescue system, rescue technology, rescue assistance for a large number of injured and sick patients
Planning and execution, emergency ambulance business planning, supervision, assessment and liaison with health and medical institutions
, coordination, etc.
6. Education and Training Section: Educational and training courses for firefighters and teaching materials and teaching aids for firefighting education and training courses
Compilation, planning and execution.
7. Fire Investigation Section: investigation, identification, statistics, analysis of the cause of fire, and fire proof, fire
Issue of investigation data, etc.
8. Civil Power Utilization Section: the organization, training, assessment, management and utilization of volunteer firefighters, and civil rescue
The integration, training and management of disaster organizations.
9. Disaster Relief and Rescue Command Center: planning, commanding, dispatching, supervising, assessing and
Statistical analysis and information, communication business processing, public relations and other matters of disaster relief and rescue services.
10. Inspector's Office: planning, supervision and management assessment of firefighters' duties, firefighters performing duties and injuries
Emergency assistance, condolences and other related duties, inspectors, violation cases investigation, etc.
11. Secretarial Office: Documents, Archives, Cashier, Property Management, Legal System, Research and Examination, Letter Sealing, Procurement
, office buildings, dormitories, workers, official vehicle management, labor health insurance and labor pensions,
Deliberation management, compilation of important programs and policy plans, compilation of yearbooks, executive meetings,
The maintenance of office buildings, fire service uniforms and rank management and other matters that do not belong to other units.
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Data: 2022-03-31
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