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History Director General

Cheng, Tsung-Min
Deputy Cheng, Tsung-Min
Capacity : Police Captain, Grade 4 to 3
Academic Background since College : Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology.
Master of Civil Disaster Prevention, National Taipei University of Technology.
Bachelor of Fire Department, Central Police University.
Qualifications : Passed the special police type B examination in 1973.
Work experience : 2014 Deputy Director-General, Taoyuan Fire Department.
1999 Deputy Director-General, Taoyuan County Government Fire Bureau.
1992 Captain of fire brigade, Taoyuan County Government Police Bureau (Since Oct.-).
1992 Captain of fire police brigade, Taoyuan County Government Police Bureau (Sep. to Oct.).
1989 Officer, Taiwan Province Government Civil Defence Section & Fire Department.
1986 Technician, Tainan Police Station Fire Department.
1984 Captain of Branch, Tainan Police Station Fire Department.

Director in 1st and 2nd committee, Taiwan Consortium Artificial Person Security of fire fighters welfare fund.
Director in 2nd, 3rd and 4th committee, Taiwan Consortium Fire Prevention Fund.
Part-time Lecturer, Taiwan Police College.
Part-time Assistant Professor, National Central University.
Part-time Assistant Professor, Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology.
Exam. Committee, Ministry of Examination.
Thesis : Publications
1.Theses :
(1) Decision Supporting System of Chemical Hazard Prevention and Mitigation ( Master Thesis )
(2)A Study on Fire Safety Management and Risk Evaluation for the Building ( Ph.D. Thesis )
2. Journal Articles :
(1)【EI】 “Prevent and Cave the Discussion of the Countermeasure in Electric Wire Fire of the House”, Journal of Applied Fire Science, Vol.13( 2 ) 163-178, 2004-2005.
(2)【EI】 “Analysis of Difference in Building Materials of Residence Fire by Using Fire Dynamics Simulator(FDS)”, Journal of Applied Fire Science, Vol.13( 4 ) 271-285, 2004-2005.
(3)【EI】“Risk Analysis of Fire Cases on Mixed-Use Residential and Commercial Buildings by Computer Simulate Evaluation”, Journal of Applied Fire Science, Vol.14( 1 ) 63-84, 2005-2006.
(4)【EI】“Investigation and analysis of the high-tech semiconductor electronics factory”, Fire Prevention and Fire Engineers Journals, accepted and to be published.
(5)Journal of Disaster Mitigation and Rescue, Vol.7 ), pp.293-308,November in 2006.
3.Conference Presentations :
(1)“The Application of Geographical Information System on Disaster Mitigation and Management ”and“Monitoring and Supporting System for Hazard Mitigation“
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History Director General
4th Hu Yin-da Since 2014-12-25 to 2018-05-08
3rd Shieh Jiing-Shiuh Since 2013-07-05 to 2014-12-24
Deputy Cheng, Tsung-Min Since 2012-07-10 to 2013-07-04
3rd Shieh Jiing-Shiuh Since 2009-12-23 to 2012-07-09
2nd Shih Tseng-Kang Since 2007-10-01 to 2009-12-20
1st Hsieh, Lyu-Cyuan Since 1999-01-17 to 2007-10-01
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