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We have been working toward
  Comprehensive objectives and the increase of service items, in order to keep up with the changes of society, meet the public demand for service quality, and remove the stereotype of the fire control tasks that have been always regarded as bee removal and snake capture. Therefore, our fellow workers are often requested to develop a specific objective, establish an organizational culture, enhance leadership, and improve their implementation.

With a specific objective, a specific index and timetable may be established. Furthermore, a desirable, quantitative, challengeable, and attainable objective is developed by the fellow workers, as a “desirable” objective provides the impetus to assume the responsibilities and stimulate deep thought to build consensus; a “quantitative” one is so specific that jobs can be done without excuses; a “challengeable” one makes the fellow workers go all out, and; a “attainable” one means that it is not just a “slogan” but a practical one. Not only should we do the things right, but do the right things. Moreover, we should do the right thing right the first time because our rescue actions “can't be repeated.”

Appreciate that the fellow workers have constantly held the fort and work hard for a long time. The safety and living quality of Taoyuan City are guaranteed due to everyone's contribution. The public life and properties can be protected only when everyone tries their best to work together. By doing so, a new Taoyuan will appear for residents to live in peace and enjoy their work. We hope the fellow workers will constantly and automatically improve their own capabilities to provide more quality services to the city citizens.
Data: 2014-12-10
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